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Dog Activities

Kybrooke, more than just a dog boarding kennels

Dog Activities

Before your dog comes into pet accommodation, consider what your dog enjoys on a daily basis. Do they go to the park & play ball? Go on a walk? Enjoy a treat or a bone?

At Kybrooke Pet Resort – our dog boarding kennels, we have designed our care program to include activities that you do with your dog on a daily basis. This not only makes their holiday enjoyable, it means you enjoy your holiday knowing your dogs’ needs are catered for.



This is fun!!! A playtime session is one on one attention doing what your dog loves doing best. Playing ball, frizbee, paddling in the paddle pool, chasey or lots of pats.

This time is appreciated by all guests and we recommend playtimes to help your dog settle. Our Playtime area is 35m x 25m, has excellent views & plenty of room to have fun!!!!

Cuddle Times

These sessions are similar to playtimes but designed to meet the needs of the quieter dog. Cuddle times are exactly that. Sessions involve one on one time to pat, cuddle, brush, enjoy tummy rubs and just general affection. Perfect for the elderly dogs and those dogs who are quiet companions.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Kybrooke Pet Resort is on 15 acres and Nature Walks are designed so your dog can enjoy the open space. Nature Walks are a fully supervised walk on extend – a -lead through our bush and around the perimeter of our property.

Plenty of time for sniffing, exploring and enjoying the fresh air and open space. Can also include a paddle through our 3 dams, fully supervised & weather permitting of course. We may even see a Kangaroo or two.

Kong Treats

Kong Treats

Treat you pooch to a Kong Treat during their stay at Kybrooke Pet Resort. It is a frozen food treat in a Kong & dogs just love them.

This is both a treat and a toy and guaranteed to keep dogs occupied for a few hours.

Peanut Buster Kongs

Kongs stuffed with peanut butter! The dogs love playing with the Kongs and the peanut butter stuffed inside will keep them busy for hours!


Your dog can enjoy a relaxing hydro-bath at the completion of their stay ensuring they come home squeaky clean.

Hydro-bath…………………………………………… $15
Hydro-bath & Flea Treatment…………….. $24

Pick Up & Delivery

We have a pet taxi that will collect your pet at your door and deliver them safely to Kybrooke Pet Resort, then back to your door when they have finished their stay. A secure no fuss way to travel. Prices start at $15 one way.